Chain Guardians Launch and Review: The Ecosystem for Player-Driven Economies

Successful Launch on Polkastarter

The $CGG token launched on Uniswap following the Polkastarter IDO, funding from some of the best in the industry such as Moonrock Capital, AU21 Capital and GBV Capital.

Chain Guardians Review: Concept and Uses (400 words)

The project focuses on building the first ecosystem to allow player-driven economies to flourish with the help of blockchain technology. Introducing concepts such as NFT mining, PVP battles and RPG, the games can earn $CGG, especially since the 45% of the tokens are destined for the community.

Smart Methods to Monetize the Ecosystem

In short, Chain Guardians combines the classic gaming concepts with blockchain technology and an Anime-style twist to make it possible for gamers to monetize their time on the platform. Let us check each one of the methods by which you could earn $CGG tokens.

NFT Mining

NFT mining is similar to cryptocurrency mining, but with Chain Guardians, it’s a game. It’s the first of its kind in the world and you only have to choose your characters to start mining NFTS.

PVP Battles

ChainGuardians has introduced PVP battles to make the game more competitive by allowing individuals and teams to battle with their blockchain superheroes. With the concepts of battle to earn and tournaments, gamers can monetize their time even more.

RPG Adventures

ChainGuardians also includes a full RPG to allow the users to play and earn. Currently available on desktop and mobile, it already has important partnerships with other blockchain games sujch as EtherMon, Crypto Beasties, Crypto skull and War Riders. Now, let us meet the main characters.

Meet the Characters

The characters come in different presentations based on their uniqueness, rank, rarity, natural abilities and number of catches (scarcity). Let’s take the Captain Devex Attazer as an example. Each character has a different number of minted available with each original character split into Uncommon, Rares and Legendaries.

Tokenomics behind Chain Guardians

The tokenomics are key to run and help the ecosystem to flourish. Here are the stats:

Partnerships and Roadmap

The partnerships have played an important role in adding value to Chain Guardians. On top of allying up with other games, marketplaces like OpenSea and even the popular oracle network Chainlink, it has also partnered up with Bridge Mutual.

Final Words

In conclusion, Chain Guardians already has a working product, and with the help of their partnerships and development team, the chances of seeing the ecosystem that they promise will substantially increase, and hence, the value of the $CGG token.



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