Raze Network Introduction: Cross-Chain Privacy Middleware for DeFi and Web3.0

RAZE Network tackles privacy in a new way

● The Raze Network will allow the user to hide their personal and financial information by transforming their cryptocurrency of choice into an anonymous ERC-20 token.

What are Polkadot and Substrate, exactly?

The Polkadot platform has been called “the Internet of blockchains.” It offers a way to connect:

What is Zether?

It’s an anonymous payment solution created with Ethereum in mind. The system works similarly to The Raze Network’s one, but it doesn’t use zkSNARKs. Also, since every Ethereum transaction requires gas that can only be paid in Ether, your Ethereum address might end up associated with the transaction in question.

The zkSNARKs Tool

This catchy acronym stands for “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge.” It’s a tool with which a user can prove to a verifier that it possesses certain information without revealing said information. A crucial component for the anonymity and privacy that The Raze Network aims to provide.

How will The Raze Network benefit the DeFi ecosystem?

● For now, The Raze Network will focus on DeFi services. Using Polkadot’s cross-chain interoperability, they’ll be able to work in and with Uniswap, AAVE, Compound. All of them, really.

A look into Raze Network Investors

After a successful first round of funding, so far, this project is backed by these fine institutions:

So, what does The Raze Network do again?

To summarize: Using Substrate, they’ll build a second-layer privacy protocol that’s native to the Polkadot network. It will be decentralized, auditable, completely anonymous, and cross-chain. It’ll be made for interaction with all DeFi projects and it’ll bring much-needed protection from surveillance to the ecosystem.

RAZE Token Introduction

The RAZE token is the heart of this project. If everything works out, it will be ubiquitous. It’ll become a force to be reckoned with. But, what can it exactly do?

The RAZE Network Tokenomics

“There will be a total of 120 million RAZE tokens. As soon as the project starts there will be a Token Generation Event or TGE, and the coins will be distributed like this:”


The Raze Network’s value proposition is remarkable. Their service will make a giant contribution to the decentralized Internet, and the Raze team is creating something DeFi users actually need.



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