RAZE Update: The Ultimate IDO

New details about the Raze Network emerge pre-launch

In a recent AMA with the Stakely.io community, Justin from the Raze Network shared some gems that put the project into perspective. As some of you might know, Raze is building a protocol that transforms any cryptocurrency into a private and untraceable version of itself. That new token will be auditable and cross-chain. Using it, you’ll be able to interact with any DeFi project available out there in total anonymity. And after you’re done, you’ll use Raze to change your coin back into its original form.

That’s old news, though. What did Justin recently reveal?

● The team will develop their own DEX, a privacy-focused version of Uniswap tentatively called Raze Swap.


Even though their product is not yet available, the Raze Network continues to impress. Selling out their first-ever NFTs proves there’s a community forming around them, and the upcoming initial DEX offering will test just how deep those ties are. Considering one of the RAZE token’s functions is governance over the entire project, the stakes couldn’t be higher.



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